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Rausch Maschinenfabrik

Rausch is a medium-sized family business specialising in the manufacture of metal-cutting machine tools. Our focus is on applications in the areas of broaching and deburring, including plant automation.

When manufacturing gears or gear shafts, for example, burrs occur during the gear cutting process, which can lead to failure and even destruction during use. It is also often necessary to apply a chamfer to the gear teeth so that the gears can mesh properly.

Gear wheels are used in many areas around the world. In the automotive industry, in agriculture, in wind power generation, but also in bicycles, motorbikes and all other areas where gearboxes are used for power transmission.

Durability, quality, precision

Maschinenfabrik Rausch has specialised in this deburring process. The company is ISO 9001 certified and was founded in Haan in 1919 and has since sold more than 5000 machines to over 1500 customers worldwide. With these many years of experience and dedicated teams, the company has earned a firm place in the industry. The name Rausch stands for longevity and quality. “Made in Germany” still means something here.

Today, Rausch manufactures machines that can be adapted to the customer’s needs with maximum flexibility using integrated robots and can be loaded, processed and unloaded in a fully automated and cycle time-optimised manner. Everything from a single source.

Maschinenfabrik Rausch also offers retrofitting (general overhaul and modernisation) and service for older machines. It also accepts old machines as trade-ins, carries out general overhauls, adapts the safety technology in accordance with the Machinery Ordinance and puts them back into circulation.

In addition, Rausch offers and realises machine extensions and modules for customer machines.

Customer-orientated solutions

Another mainstay of Maschinenfabrik Rausch is broaching machines. A broach is pulled through the workpiece with a tensile force of several tonnes in order to insert splines or teeth into the inside of a gear wheel.  

Here too, Maschinenfabrik Rausch offers customised solutions. The integration of feeding systems such as robots or gantries is just as much a matter of course for Rausch as simple manual feeding. Maschinenfabrik Rausch attaches great importance to advanced technologies, high safety standards and the simplest possible operation.  

The tools required for the broaching machines can also be supplied by Maschinenfabrik Rausch. It also offers a sharpening service for the tools. With our own machines and our skilled staff, blunt broaches can be sharpened for use again and do not have to be replaced with new broaches.  

Maschinenfabrik Rausch GmbH & Co KG prides itself on contributing to the advancement of the manufacturing industry and building partnerships based on trust, integrity and excellence.